In 1949, with a Chevrolet car especially manufactured for passenger transportation, Demetrio Koropeski started to travel from Apóstoles (Province of Misiones) to Santo Tome (Province of Corrientes), offering near-80-km trips on a daily basis, whose duration depended on any inconvenient that might have arisen along the way or essentially on the weather conditions at the time.

Due to the constant breakage of windscreen, covers had to be fit into the buses, which were provided with chains for their use in raining days, as the complete route was a dirt road. Over a long period of time and using only his first vehicle, its owner served as driver, keeper and mechanic.
Commonly, most passengers knew each other and turned into effective collaborators whenever any inconvenient arouse.

This was how EL CRUCERO was funded, extending its journey to travel up to Posadas (Province of Misiones), and thus joining the cities of La Cruz, Virasoro, Alvear and Yapeyú. In 1962, the Company moved to Posadas city, turned into CRUCERO DEL NORTE and extended its journey to travel to the cities of Azara and Santo Tomé. The company growth made CRUCERO DEL NORTE play a leading role in the context of passenger transportation at domestic level, providing thereafter international services.

It currently holds a leading position in MERCOSUR’s passenger transportation with more than 160 state-of-the-art double-deck MARCOPOLO (quality guarantee) buses, thus joining the countries of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay. The Company has more than five hundred directly recruited employees.

The policy of work, effort, caring and behavior has remained unchanged, ever since the first day its founder, DEMETRIO KOROPESKI, thought of this dream coming true.

Our Company

Opened in 2000 and featuring the most modern architecture, which was developed taking into account basic concepts in order to provide a proper and effective service, the Company has 14 roofed platforms for providing its services, including ticket offices, administrative offices and workshops.

The Company opens its doors to travelers who are on a trip and invites them to enjoy its OWN AND UNIQUE RESTAURANT operating inside the premises and serving more than 300 people at a time. Food and bakery products especially made by expertise chefs, subject to a strict quality control. (Certificate of enrollment of food premises at a national level under R.N.E. (Excluded Number Register) No. 14001066.) At this place, passengers traveling from and to Puerto Iguazú, Buenos Aires, Paraguay, Brazil and Chile are served with dinner and breakfast (free of charge.)